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Cupping Calibration Kit


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Now you can finally cup with our team, which includes one of the very few Q Graders Instructors in Europe. Our cupping calibration kit contains 5 coffees cupped by our team along with their cupping scores.
This kit is for everyone:
  • coffee lovers and novice coffee professionals that want to build their cupping skills;
  • experienced coffee professionals that want to check their cupping skills or prepare for a Q Grader course;
  • Q Graders that want to check if they are still calibrated or are preparing for their calibration.
The kit will offer different coffees every month, exposing the cuppers to different scenarios like defects identification, repeats, uniformity issues, old crops, etc. Each month we will send 420 grams of coffee divided into 5 sets. Each set contains 6x14g bags of coffee (1 for purging the grinder and 5 for cupping).
The orders have to be placed before 14th of every month. On 15th of every month, we will process the orders, prepare the coffees and send them over. Any order received after 14th of every month will be processed and shipped on the following month.


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