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Sensory kit – Primary tastes training kit


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This kit is designed to help you improve your sensitivity to sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami taste.

Enough for approximately 25 exercises, this kit will help you distinguish the main tastes and to increase your sensitivity to them, becoming a better taster. This kit is a must for anyone planning to become a Q Grader or a panelist in a coffee business.

Please read the instructions before using!

Disclaimer: Coffee Laboratory LTD provides usage instructions for this kit. The person using the kit has the responsibility to read the instructions before using this product and to follow the instructions strictly. Please consult your doctor before using this kit. Do not consume if you have a condition that limits or prohibits the intake of any of the substances included in the kit. Coffee Laboratory LTD cannot be held responsible if you do not follow the above terms and conditions.


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