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We brew coffee like no one else

We are deeply in love with coffee but more than that, we strongly believe in sustainability. Our coffees and teas are direct traded from Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Sumatra, Java or China. The farmers receive a sustainable price for their products, which allow them to reach a better standard of life and to access medical, educational and social services.

Our staff receive a fair wage and is strongly encouraged to develop professionally. Through our sister business, Coffee Laboratory, we offer them free access to professional education and we mentor them for various competitions. In such ways, our staff hone their skills, improve their knowledge and make sure to offer all the time the best product.

In our team we have barista champions, trainers with decades of experience in the coffee industry and worldwide recognized coffee specialists.

Our core values focus on better standards for our customers and a better life for our business partners and staff. We promise we will offer always the best product, made of high quality ingredients and outsourced in the most ethical way. More than that, we use fully compostable cups, lids, stirrers and straws making sure to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible.

Brew Town doesn’t mean just good coffee and gourmet food. It means respect for all the actors involved in the coffee chain, from farmers to staff and customers!

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